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The Robert Boyle Summer School


Robert Boyle (1627 – 1691) was born in Lismore Castle and was perhaps the most influential scientist of his day and the most respected of the founding members of the Royal Society of London.

The Robert Boyle Summer School will run this summer from the 3rd - 6th July 2014 at his birthplace, Lismore Heritage Town, Co Waterford.

Boyle was a major figure in the development of modern experimental science, making major contributions to physics, chemistry, medicine and the life sciences. Deeply religious he also wrote extensively on philosophy and theology. To the modern reader familiar with separation of science and religion which are often portrayed as in conflict, this combination of interests might seem peculiar. However, to Boyle and many of his contemporaries religion was a major motivation to explore the "book of nature". Among other topics this year's Summer School will explore the relationship between science and religion with respect to Boyle himself and how they interacted since.

The event will feature  world-leading scientists and historians gathering together to discuss a wide range of topics relating to Boyle, his works and times and his legacy. Speakers will include Luke O'NeillLawrence Principe, John Hedley Brooke, and Terry Eagleton.

More speakers will be announced in the coming weeks, so be sure to check back regularly, and follow us on twitter.


Enquiries and further information for the festival may be made with Lismore Heritage Centre

Telephone: +353 (0) 58 54975 / 54855


Unfortunately there is no public transport serving Lismore. Perhaps we can find you a lift from Dublin or Waterford out and back. Please contact us about this. The trains to Waterford are given below:

Trains from Dublin (Heuston) to Waterford (Plunkett)
Duration approx 2 hrs 10 mins
Tickets from €15.99

Thursday - Sat

3rd – 6th July

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